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Take (Skin)care!

Dry Skin Dilemma? Rosken will do Something About That.

Rosken 1


I have bought this "Rosken Dry Skin Cream" a month ago in search for a moisturizer (I know shoot me) and I stumbled upon this and it is apparently quite affordable around $5 which is a bundle of joy! The facial moisturizers here are quite pricey for me so it is kind of frustrating when I reach the end of the tub/bottle of my moisturizer and freaking out because I ran out of moisturizer.

Anyways, this buddy right here is apparently a multipurpose cream that you can apply both on your body and your face. It claims to double the moisture of your face within 4 days of use, although I have never managed to use it 4 days in a row simply because I am always not in the mood to apply it all over my body.

Unfortunately it does not fare well for me on my face as it feels very odd. I cannot explain, probably because this cream is simply just sitting on top rather than sinking in but it did not give me a breakout.

As a body cream, this is absolutely brilliant! I love it so much because when I slather it on my arms and legs, it does not feel like i'm using a body lotion AT ALL! It feels so mild that I feel it's not good enough for dry skin because of how mild it is, but it is not mild at all since my elbows smoothed after a few times applying this. Although when it comes in contact with water it tends to be slippery and you have to rub your skin a few times to really get it off.

The smell of the cream is sweet and it is not strong at all! It fades away a few minutes after applying. The scent may not be very apparent either to some people. I use it as a hand cream which works wonderfully and also my feet which tends to flake when it's dry.

  • Great body cream (also amazing as a hand cream)
  • Mediocre face cream
  • Sweet and mild scent
  • Big 250mL tub at a very affordable price

Angels, Please Help Me Scrub My Face!

Whoops! I hope that I am just in time to update for the second post of the day, and I'll be reviewing this little angel:


Lush 1


I've received this tub from my dearest best friend whom ordered it for me as a birthday gift, and all I could say is "THANK YOU I LOVE YOU" to her for a couple of times until she 'probably' got irked. I have been wanting this eversince a few months ago after I have discovered about Lush 2 years ago from her. She bought soaps and body washes, not sure about skin care ones though. She told me the soaps and body washes smelled divine, and I was kind of curious about what Lush is all about. Soon after that I am hooked with it and dying to get one of their products because of all the raves! So you could really tell how excited I was to get this!

Lush 2


The texture of the "Angels on Bare Skin" scrub is very pasty, it's like digging into a tub of moist sand. I've got the hang of using it the second time and that little can go a long way, trust me! I feel that the tub I received can last me a month or a month and a half, so it's quite deceiving the fact that the tub is small but all you need is less.

My experience with the scrub has been absolutely marvellous. It doesn't really matter if I've only used it twice since most people would usually know if they were to like it or not on their first try.It can be quite messy trying to emulsify the paste though. What I would do is to get a pea sized dot and then emulsify it on your palm by rubbing it with your fingers from your other hand, if you get my drift.

Anyways, this scrub has given me A+ results. My skin felt silky smooth and I've been using it in the morning, I probably should move it to 2-3 nights soon.

The smell is SO lovely, I really love the smell though some people don't but it is nothing to worry about since it will wash off. Natural folks can rest assure, this is obviously all natural as most (if not all) Lush products are self-proclaimed "handmade" and "natural". Although it's a shame that they don't sell Lush products here, so it's only available for order only. It should also be noted that it's quite pricey too.

All in all, this is an amazing scrub, less is more, beautiful smell and I recommend it!

Cyclax Facial (Body?) Apricot Scrub: Good for the Face, Probably for the Body too.

Hello, I am really sorry the fact that I have been inactive with the blog lately.

First of all I don't really have a camera to take pictures of things, since the last camera I used was my Nokia camera which I actually find quite amazing for a phone that was quite affordable! Now that I have a Canon A1200 camera I guess it's actually more efficient for me to take more detailed pictures.

Second, I have not been in that blogging mood ever since the last post which I know is very irresponsible of me! But do not worry because I will try to update the blog as frequently as I could. To make up for that I will make 2 blog posts today!

Cyclax 1

Today's first review will be Cyclax Nature Pure Apricot Facial Scrub. I've bought this scrub quite a long time ago 4-5 months ago to be more exact. Of course, I've finished it already and what do I think of this big jar of apricot scrub?


Cyclax 2

The scrub consistency is very runny which I am not really familiar with since St Ives. scrubs are like paste in consistency.


Cyclax 3

Here is the ingredients list.





As you may have seen the title description above, I ended up using this as a body scrub. The first time I tried using this for my face I really didn't feel that it's quite good enough, but I couldn't put a finger to what it is!

When using this scrub I felt a warm sensation for some reason, my face felt warm like as if you're using a self-heating clay mask. I am not sure why, probably because of one of the ingredients listed above. I actually did not favor to this so I stopped using it as a face scrub and use it for my rough patches on my body instead. How did it fare for my face? Well, it's a mediocre scrub, my face didn't feel silky soft, it felt kind of plastic-y soft if you get my point. This scrub as a body scrub is actually nice! My rough patches (e.g. elbow, knee) did manage to feel more soft after using this.

As for the scent, it's VERY lovely! I love the scent it smells like apricot of course, and it's a mild scent so it won't stick on for long.

The price of this scrub is very affordable, it's around $5-6 here. Will I buy it again? Probably, for my body of course. But I'd prefer using St Ives. instead for both body & face.

Telescope Asylum

My niece and her supposedly artistic and "deep" work of arts


Ella Piece 1

It's like... a full on bondage


Ella Piece 2

Apparently clothes hangers with sharp edges are the in trend for piercings now

Ella Piece 3


Ella Piece 4

Saved the best for last (AND THIS THING is in my room apparently, scary? Probably... Unless it creeps onto me in the middle of the night then yeah TOTALLY)




Mentholatum Acnes Medicated SEALING JELL review


Okay so I have bought this stuff pretty much a long time ago, which was last August. This JELL is an acne treatment (duh) and I have used it consistenly for about a month and here are my thoughts of it

Acnes Jell 1

It comes in a toothpaste tube as seen on the picture and personally I think it's ADORABLE, I'm really digging the simplistic yet cute packaging

Acnes Sealing Jell  2

It is yellow in colour, kind of like a booger..


The Bad:


  • The texture and consistency is awful. It looks like a booger and it's SUPER sticky.. like a booger
  • The ingredients listed are all kind of redundant in trying to help acne.. With fragrance and what not
  • It does not work as well as I thought
  • "Less is more" well TOO BAD! This does not apply with the cream, you actually need a lot more to spread out throughout your face! I guess it's meant to be more of a spot treatment?


The Good:


  • Luckily I am not that cross with fragrances (although it is irritating for the skin) the smell is kind of like lemons, and I like the smell of lemons
  • It does contain "Sulfur" which actually helps to combat acne
  • It DID help to reduce some of my acne & acne scars
  • Very cute packaging!


Because of the consistency of this product, I would usually dab a pea sized dot on my finger and pat it all the way through my face and this does help in spreading evenly throughout my face. It contains sulfur so maybe that's why it helped a little bit on my acne but then I could not really cope with how majorly sticky it is on my face, made me lazy to put my moisturizer on! You could easily be a walking, breathing bug trap because of how sticky your face would be!


By the way, I would also like to let you know that I am planning to make a mini-me journey on experimenting! So, this monday I want to just experiment for a week on patting in my moisturiser and see if it guarantees even spread, better moisturisation, savings (i will deliberate further on later, unless you get my point), etc. So stay tuned and thank you!


P.S. Today's my birthday by the way! Hehe


Nivea Essential Care Lip Balm


On today's post I will be doing a review on Nivea's classic lip balm. This Essential Care lip balm is apparently interchangeable with Labello's lip balms as both are managed by the same company, which is Beiesdorf. I actually want to try all the lip balms Labello has to offer, they're all cute and colorful! Don't mind me, I am getting to be quite a lip balm freak.

The lip balm has that simple navy blue and white appearance, which is considered to be a Nivea trademark.

It is opaque and white in color, it is not tinted.

It leaves a sheen after application which stays on for a very long time, and it also hydrates well!

The sheen is also noticeable under flash, or under any lights for that matter.


The Good:

  • The moisture stays all day, all night! Even after drinking or eating, there's still a hint of moisture. Just pucker up and you'll be back to the start!
  • The sheen it gives is lovely, I really like it
  • The mild fragrance is also lovely, it has that Nivea smell, one that you cannot really comprehend
  • It is cheap and widely available throughout drug stores, I bought this for $5


The Bad:




As you can see I LOVE this stuff. It's goodness in a form of a lip balm stick! I will always turn back to this one if I need a quick fix from a dry lips dilemma.


Badger SPF 15 Unscented Sunscreen Lip Balm Review

I have finally found Badger recently sold here in my country. I was quite excited but as soon as I saw the price of the products, I was devastated! It is quite expensive for me. Unfortunately, they don't sell the sleep aid balms here. I also had enough budget to buy me this lip balm and what do I think of it?


Badger Lip 1

I really love the quaint design of all the Badger products

Badger Lip 2

It has a chalky texture and also leaves a very visible white residue!

Badger Lip 3

After applying the sunscreen lip balm, see how white the residue it left on my lips

Badger Lip 4

The lip balm makes your lip white, therefore making you look pale. This is after I rubbed the excess white residue around my lips

Badger Lip 5

The active ingredient, uses and warnings

Badger Lip 6

The directions and also ingredients



The Good:

  • It's an all natural product and of course everyone loves natural products
  • It's a sunscreen lip balm
  • It does not have unnecessary fragrance that causes irritation


The Bad:

  • It does NOT moisturise, albeit leaves my lips flaky with visible flake lines
  • The white residue is horrible, not recommended for everyday use unless you want to look like a zombie
  • It is expensive, $15-20



One might say that it is quite affordable, maybe it's just me. But for most teenagers like me I am funded by my parents, which gives me some restriction on my purchases. This lip balm fell below my expectation and it is just a mediocre if not, below average. Although I really love how "all natural" the product is, I would not want to use it everyday because of the white residue, and I guess this is better suited off as a costume makeup, with added benefit of the sunscreen.


Organic Skincare Hype (Inspired By Bubbi)


I have developed a hype for organic homemade skincare and I might take a hiatus on trying out and buying a whole different products because so far I am getting great feedback from these amazing home remedies. Of course I will still be reviewing the products I currently have. I will also try to review all of these homemade skincare that I have abundantly learnt from the internet

A DIY chocolate mask from Bubbi herself, more details here. (I decided not to make it large because I look hideous!)

What's the initial effects after trying it? Well I have to say that I LOVED it, it's really easy to prepare and it's fun too! As Bubbi instructed in the video, I also used a brush but a smaller one. Apparently my mask ended up quite dark in colour. I left it on for 20+ minutes and it hardened. I rinsed it off with lukewarm water and pat dry and I was left with a smooth, matte face. This totally made me excited, and I am eager to try it again! Although the strong chocolate smell still lurk around after long hours, but I don't mind.

Another Bubzbeauty organic love! Click here for more information ♥

A less handful of oatmeal.

Initial effect was also amazing, it was quite messy too though. It left my face totally clean which I kind of did not expect, it's 99.9% organic and you would think that oat flakes would be abrasive but no, it turns chewy and soft after drenching it with water, suitable for mild exfoliating.



I am kind of devoted to organic skincare now, but from time to time I can get fickle and I would love to try some other products too. One of the must have organic skincare products for me would be Dr. Hauschka, Burt's Bees, Badger's (sunscreens), Dr. Alkaitis, Living Nature, Duchess Marden... And the list goes on. I will update with the long term effects of these 2 homemade remedies and I hope it's positive! I will also try out the lemon toner, the famous egg mask, and milk cleanser!

Oh and PLEASE check out Bubbi, she is one of the best makeup gurus on Youtube and she also makes videos on DIY masks, cleansers, etc. So if you have not check her out yet, click the link and make sure to SUBSCRIBE!

Softymo Acne Washing Foam Review


My friend requested me to do a review of this face wash he gave me. It's a brand from Japan as most of you may know from its renown Airy Whip foaming wash, which I have yet to obtain!

So what do I think of this product?


The lovely Japanese words always somehow guarantee me that it will work

I do not understand a thing other than squeezing 2cm across your palm, how do I know this? Well, Oxy had the same instruction. The texture of this face wash also reminds me of Oxy so much!

It has quite a watery, creamy texture which I do not enjoy

Using my own made face net/bubble net (I cut open a shower boeuf and took one part of it) to foam up the face wash.

The foam was amazingly fine I loved it majorly!

Looks like a cloud.



What I like about it:

  • The foam is amazing, I love it. It's very fluffy and not bubbly, like most face washes (that are not specifically made for face nets)



  • Left my face feel dry and taut, NOT good.
  • The cream texture is too watery! It's so hard for me to measure approximately 2cm without it running out like water. Maybe it's my tube.
  • It did not do any improvement to my face.
  • Broke out on my chin and nose a little, NOT good.
  • No english instructions!




Even all of the Japanese wordings which enticed me the performance of this face wash was below average, but I expected a lot more from it. It did not do anything special to my face albeit broke me out a little and also a bit too drying. This face wash TOTALLY reminded me of Oxy's face wash, which was also an utter disappointment. Maybe the ingredient "Isopropyl Methylphenol" (which is in both of the face wash ingredients) did not live up to its name, since it never worked for me at all. Better luck next time! 2.5/5


Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Lip Moisturizer SPF 15 Review


This will be a short look-up on the "Norwegian Formula" lip balm


"Conditions and protects dry, chapped lips." Hmm, how will this fare for me?



It is kind of tasteless, I am not sure because I can also taste a little bit of fruitiness? As you can see it is solid white in colour and I don't have any qualms over it at all. It moisturizes my lip well, it doesn't fade off as much when I drink water or eat but by then I recommend you should re-apply it, my lips are often dry and chapped so this comes in handy every time! It doesn't leave off any colour on your lips, I like the glimmer it gives and it comes with an SPF. Although I cannot decide whether it keeps my lips protected or not, or whether it blocks off UVA rays too or it doesn't. 4/5

They also sell the hand creams in two versions here, one scented and the other one normal? I am not sure, but I would probably buy those in the future, the tagline "Norwegian Formula" makes me a sucker for them, I know.